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Bonus rate for 1 calendar month:

up to 99 999 rubles. on the confirmed amount – 15%

from 100 000 to 199 999 rubles. on the confirmed amount – 20%

from 200 000 rubles. on the confirmed amount – 25%

————————————————– ———————-

Renaissance Insurance is a large universal retail company that is the leader in the direct insurance market (online sales and call centers).

Since November 2017, he heads the insurance group of the same name. It was founded in 1997 and at the moment is included in the list of backbone enterprises and is one of the leaders of the insurance market in Russia.

Terms of the program “Insurance TCD” in the insurance company Renaissance Insurance:

1) The basic insurance risk includes only emergency medical care (treatment)

2) Additional insurance risks:

Active rest (insurance during amateur sports, water sports, motorcycle riding, horses, paragliding, etc.) Baggage (luggage insurance on the way to and from the place of stay) Apartment (travel insurance for interior finishing and your home property, as well as liability to neighbors for damage to their property) Accident (cash payment, if an accident results in bodily injury, disability or death occurs) Civil liability (liability insurance in case of damage to health and / or property of third parties)

3) The insured person is an individual, a citizen of any country of the world

4) Sum insured – 35 000, 50 000 or 100 000 USD / Euro

5) The minimum period of validity of the policy is 3 days

————————————————– —–

The uniqueness of the “TCD Insurance” program is that any individual (citizen of any country!) Can acquire an insurance policy,

who speaks Russian at that level in order to issue and pay for the policy on the website of the Russian insurance company.

————————————————– —

Why work with the partner program Renaissance Insurance “Insurance going abroad” is advantageous:

– One of the most recognizable brands on the Russian insurance market;

– Included in the TOP-10 largest insurance campaigns in the country;

– You will work on an inexpensive insurance product of mass demand;

– Convenient, not overloaded lending;

– Fast download speed;

– One of the most profitable tariffs among all insurance campaigns;

– Now the “high” season, if you want to make money on insurance products of mass demand, now is the time to connect to the show;

– Any individual or foreign citizen can make purchases on the site.

Portrait of Central Asia:

Sex: M 59% and F 41%;

Age: 25 to 45 years;

Interests: travel, shopping, nature, lovers of extreme leisure, business;

Income: average and above.

License of the Central Bank of Russia

Yours faithfully,

Renaissance Insurance RU CPS