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COMPANY DESCRIPTION : Magzter is a cross-platform, self-service, global digital magazine newsstand with over 8,000 magazines from 3,400+ publishers.Magzter was founded in 2011. The Company headquartered in NEW YORK. Magzter GOLD is an all-you-can-read model where users will get unlimited access to 5,000+ Magazines and Premium Articles. Costs are different in different geo’s

Country Magzter GOLD Pricing Magzter GOLD Offer Pricing (Local Currency)

(Local Currency)

US USD 99.99 USD 49.99

UK GBP 99.99 GBP 49.99

Australia AUD 99.99 AUD 49.99

Canada CAD 99.99 CAD 49.99

Spain EUR 99.99 EUR 49.99

Singapore SGD 99.99 SGD 49.99

South Africa ZAR 700 ZAR 449

India INR 3999 INR 999

Mexico MXN 986 MXN 499

Turkey TRY 374 TRY 187

Other Country USD 99.99 USD 49.99

Campaign Description : Magzter provides its publisher an opportunity to earn good revenue if the sale is generated using publisher link.

Objective : To generate membership (ANNUAL) sales from Worldwide for their services, (NOTE – We will also track the monthly subscriptions, But those wont be payable to the publishers)