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International Airlines of Ukraineconvenient flight and favorable prices

The airlineInternational Airlines of Ukraine (UIA)” is a leading Ukrainian company, founded in 1992.

UIA is an industry-forming company of Ukraine, uses the operating model of a low-cost network of airlines and specializes in passenger and freight traffic.

UIA connects Ukraine with 38 countries located in Europe, Asia, Amurka, Africa and the Middle East. It performs 1100 international and domestic flights on a weekly basis and provides connections with the routes of partner airlines to more than 3 thousand cities of the world.

The basic airport is the Boryspil International Airport (CWR)

The fleet of UIA includes 42 airliners.

UIA has its own handling network. This allows you to monitor the quality of service, sell service to other airlines and create additional jobs in Ukraine.

Until 2021, the airline plans to increase and update the fleet, open new directions for the east and south-east vectors of the route network, increase the frequency of flights on the routes already mastered and actively develop regional hubs in the cities of Ukraine.

The target audience:

M / F 18+

Travelers / business audience / ethnics

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