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Most Asked Questions
About promotional codes
What is your promotional code?

Promo code - a special code, which can be put into a special box store, where you make a purchase, and get a discount on your order.

This system is very easy to use. While, When you have chosen the right products and began to checkout, You will notice a special window, which it will be asked to enter the promotional code (in some stores the names may vary: coupon code, voucher, bonus). Introducing active promotional code, You will get an immediate recalculation of the cost of the order and the final price minus discounts.

Each store can have your system use promo codes, therefore it is necessary to pre-verify, that you enter it correctly and in the appropriate field.

In a store, you can use a promotion code?

list of shops, who use promotional codes, You can find on our sayte.Posle order, how to choose the right shop, go to the store page and you will see the list of available promotional codes this store.

The list includes shops of different profile:

  • Household appliances and electronics
  • Clothing and Shoes
  • Jewelery and Accessories
  • বাচ্চাদের জিনিসপত্র
  • Cosmetics and perfumery
  • খাদ্য
How to find and copy the promotion code?

Find and copy the promotion code is very easy. Simply select the desired store and make two simple steps:

  1. Click "Show promo code". You will redirect to the store page, where you will see in the window in the middle of the screen itself promo code.
  2. Then you can select the promotional code and press the key combination Cntrl + C to copy the code using the keyboard, or click on the icon "Copy".

Congratulations! Your promotional code was successfully copied and can be used in the store.

How to use the promotion code in the store?

Use promotion code during the checkout process, paste the copied code in the "Enter promotional code"(by right-clicking and selecting "Insert ...", or holding the keyboard shortcut Cntrl + V).

After that, the order amount will change immediately in accordance with the terms of the code employed

How to find and learn about the emergence of new promo codes for the desired I shop?

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Something does not work?
Appears at the opening of this code,: "Not needed". What does it mean?

It means, that you have opened is not a promotional code, and conditions of the action, which is held on the site of the selected store without using code.

The purpose of our website - is to provide users with the most detailed information on discounts and sales. Therefore, here you will find not only a variety of promotional codes largest Russian Internet shops, but also a variety of events and sales, which are held in stores.

In your case,, when you press the button "Show promotion code" and you can see a window with the phrase "I do not need", it means, that code for this sales / stock no. It is open to all shoppers choose.

I place the order?, but I can not find the field, where to insert the code ...

This often happens with beginners. Actually, everything is easier, than you think. After one successful use of this code will come to you once the process of understanding.

After, as you put in the basket right product, go to the checkout process and pay attention to fillable fields, where you can find these words:

  • promotional code
  • coupon code
  • voucher
  • discount code
  • a codeword
  • magic word
  • bonus code

Fields with those words just are responsible for offers discounts. In some stores in order, to enter the promotional code, you have to press the special button such as "Do you have a promotion code?», then should field will, where it will be possible to insert the code. In such cases, just take a closer look at the page.

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